Fantasia Suite and Romanticism

Fantasia Suite represents the unveiling of a new direction in 21st century art that combines a renaissance of 18th and 19th century Romanticism with influences of the 20th century, such as jazz, minimalism and new age.

Larsen’s Neo-Romanticism is a reaction to the mechanism, violence and dissonance of the last century — a swing of the pendulum — towards a music inspiring beauty, love and fantasy. This is a more ideal form of expression rather than the fashion of reality-based commentary.

As well as drawing upon timeless beauty, such as nature, Neo-Romanticism also captures the positive advances of man’s humanitarian and spiritual evolution during the last century. This is a new artistic direction expressing love, beauty and idealism in art; creating a reaction to violence, war, hatred and the horrors of retribution and continual struggle representative of the 20th century.

Fantasia Suite is a Neo-Romantic reaction — seen through a view of beauty, transcendence and fantasy with idealism at its foundation. Is this the “classical music” of the 21st century?