Fantasia Suite

Imagine a new music. An innovative music embracing the virtuosity and romance of the past merging the universal appeal of today’s popular culture. Now imagine this new music presented in stage shows in a variety of media including film and video projects recordings internet and education including a twenty city international tour.


Fantasia Suite is a twenty-first century multi-media project for piano and orchestra written in a unique contemporary idiom. This body of work is quickly becoming a world wide post-minimalist Neo-Romantic movement spearheaded by the music of Carter Larsen. It is a new music that reaches back for its inspiration and then spanning centuries launches an entire new 21st century movement.

The pinnacle of Fantasia Suite is a dramatic uplifting show that crosses generations combining the elegance and passion of the concert hall with the energy of a visually stimulating stage show along the lines of Riverdance and Cirque du Soleil. The concerts are “musical experiences” highlighting multiple performers with light shows and visuals including graphics live video and CGI. Each show has a story or theme the first being “Arcadian Odyssey” the story of two lovers separated across time. Andrea Van de Kamp Chairman Emeritus of the Music Center Los Angeles declares Fantasia Suite to be “the music of the future”.

Fantasia Suite is touring recording and broadcast in collaboration with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. “As the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra has always represented the highest standards of artistic excellence we are enthusiastic to play a major role in the worldwide promotion of Fantasia Suite ” confirms Ian McClay general manager Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Fantasia Suite is being produced by Sheryl Carlin head of music production at Paramount and Dreamworks along with stage show producer Scott Lochmus. Writer and director Frank Capello will be directing and producing three films built on the music of Fantasia Suite. The first of which “Last Full Measure Devotion” is inspired by the thematic material and message behind Fantasia Suite. Fantasia Suite’s visuals have been produced by Leigh McClosky and Dave Wexler.