London Concert Reviews


“..Mr. Larsen was at his most beguiling, alike in tonal charm and tenderness of phrasing; the little known “Dante’s Sonnett” and “Sancta Dorothea” were particularly welcome inclusions.”
– The London Times

“…he handled them with delicacy, taste and smooth continuity f line broken only occasionally for dramatic effect. Larsen’s romantic sensibilities were evident throughout.”
– The Guardian

“…torrents of notes, lush harmonies and gorgeous melodies.”
– The Independent

“…fluency and panache”
– The London Daily Telegraph

“…Liszt “Funerailles” reach an almost sublime conclusion after riding a suppressed storm. “Dante’s Sonnet” and “Au bord d’une Source” suggested a peace and contentment rarely apparent in performances.”
– Croydon Advertiser

“…A convincing performance that made light of the very real technical hazards. His understanding of the musical texture and commanding presentation were most impressive.”
– Bath and West Evening Chronicle

“… a formidable technique with which to back his fancies.”
– London Evening Standard

“I was so impressed by Mr. Carter Larsen’s performance that I sought him out at the end of the concert in order to congratulate him on one of the most impressive recitals I had ever heard in over 40 years of concert-going.”
– Vincent Bradley OBE, BBC

“You are essentially a lyric musician with a big tone and power when it is needed. Your phrasing is excellent and so is your technique. And you definitely have a personal way of pointing up a melody.”
– Hanno Rinke, Deutsche Grammophon

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